Support ThinkBIG

ThinkBIG® exists solely for family needs. Donations aren’t used for research, staff salaries or physician recruitment; they go directly to patients and their families. This is your opportunity to have a direct impact on the families of pediatric cancer patients by providing financial support for unexpected out-of-pocket expenses related to their child’s care.

Your gift has the ability to make a difference.

The burden of unexpected out-of-pocket expenses weighs heavily on families of children with cancer. You can help lessen the financial stress on a family and help them focus on the health and well-being of their child.

Donations of all sizes make a difference, here are a few examples of needs your gift could support:

Provides a day’s worth of meals to a parent spending all day in the hospital during their child’s inpatient chemotherapy.

Provides a one-night stay at a local hotel for a family.

Pays a week’s worth of day care for the younger sibling of a cancer patient, who needs a babysitter while the parent is caring for the child undergoing treatment.

If you can’t afford to support us financially, consider getting involved and volunteering for our cause.

Buys a wig for a child undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Helps purchase hearing aids for a child who has experienced hearing loss as a side effect of treatment.

Contributes toward the cost of a prosthetic leg for a child who suffered amputation as a result of bone malignancy.