About ThinkBIG

Pediatric cancer is very common, and unfortunately, several children who reside in central and northeast Pennsylvania will be diagnosed with some form of pediatric cancer every year. It was one patient in particular that inspired Dr. Colby Wesner to create ThinkBIG® in 2014.

Carmine Monacelli

Carmine Monacelli was nine years old and had been diagnosed with a form of bone cancer. Throughout his chemotherapy and radiation, Carmine was always positive and upbeat, sharing his hopes and dreams for the future -"thinking big." One day he wanted to be a marine biologist and the next, a professional wrestler. Regardless of what painful treatments and setbacks he faced, his positive attitude and big dreams remained.

Throughout Carmine’s care, Dr. Colby Wesner visited him often. Carmine inspired Dr. Wesner to try to find a way to support families whose children were diagnosed with cancer.

Unfortunately, cancer claimed Carmine’s life in March 2012. But, with Carmine's “ThinkBig” attitude in mind, Dr. Wesner created the ThinkBIG fund to support Geisinger pediatric cancer patients and their families, Carmine’s legacy.

Why ThinkBIG?

While there are other organizations related to supporting pediatric cancer, many of them have a focus on funding cancer research. While cancer research is essential in finding a cure, families need immediate help with the financial stresses that accompany caring for a child with pediatric cancer.

Regardless of the size of the gift, your donation can make a big difference in these families' lives. Visit our donation page to learn how you can help.